You all must be aware the having a TV antenna would help in receiving the digital signals that provide all the local channels. But often there is a bigger discussion whether one should buy a factory made antenna or create one by themselves. Though purchasing a TV antenna would sound as a better option since there is not much of the hardwork. But there are some who may not be able to afford such factory made antenna or there would be cases wherein the antenna may get damaged due to wind or snow. In such cases you can easily prepare your own antenna with the items that you have at home.

You can create a TV antenna at home with the help of paperclip, fractal antenna, card and aluminium antenna, and the one with a coat hanger. Today let us have a look at how to prepare a DIY antenna using the below materials:

  • Food wrap or aluminium foil
  • TV connect cable
  • Hot glue
  • piece of cardboard box
  • wire of any size
  • Balun
  • nuts and small screws

  1. Firstly, cut the aluminium foil in two pieces wherein the size of each of the aluminium foil should be 250mm X 215mm. You also have the option to try out bigger or smaller sizes as well.
  2. Now cut the piece of cardboard box for supporting the aluminium foil which you have just cut as per above instruction. Place 1cm gap in between the aluminium foil and attach it to the cardboard with the help of a tape. You can also make use of the metallic foil tape to be placed around the edge but avoid using it in between the gap.
  3. Create small holes on the bottom edge very close to the centre for carrying out the wire connection. Here, you can make use of small nuts and screws so as to make contacts of the wire to the aluminium foil. In case if you do not have the required nuts and screws then you can strip the wire long enough around 3 to 5cm and then wrap it via the holes. Gently twist the wire tight and attach them to the piece of tape placed on top of it so that both the foil and wire can make good contact with each other.
  4. You would be having two short wires attached to the aluminium foil. Also if you have a look at the transformer there would be two wires and also a TV cable connector. Get the wires connected to those wires which you already have attached to the foil antenna. With the help of hot glue, you can secure the transformer as well as the wires in a proper manner.

You can connect the antenna to your TV and carry out an auto-scan for channels. The placement is important else you may not receive all of the channels. There are also other methods of preparing the antenna. You can refer to the online tutorials that guide on creating antenna with other materials such as coat hanger or paperclip.