Antenna Users: Rescan to Keep Getting Free TV

Since more of us are looking at ways to save on the monthly cable or satellite bills, it is no surprise that the TV antennas are making a comeback. The TV antennas available today are well-advanced in terms of technology. They are no longer those bunny ears wherein you would only receive two to three channels. With the rise in the broadcasting towers setup in most all of the locations, it has even become easier to access the major broadcasting network channels absolutely free, by just setting up a TV antenna. Once you have the TV antenna in place, you can get access to local broadcasting channels that include, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. This is all part of Free TV wherein you would only need to pay for the cost of purchasing the TV antenna and no other charges are attached to it.

But for those of you who are using the TV antenna, there is a need for regularly rescanning the channels. Though there is no need to get the scanning process carried out on a daily basis but periodically you should be rescanning the channels so that you do not miss out on any of your favourite channels and also can receive additional new channels. In today’s time, it has become all the more important for timely rescanning your TV. One of the reasons for the same is because there are a lot stations who will be changing frequencies and some of them may exit completely.

When we talk about rescanning, then there is nothing major work for you to be carried out. All you would need to do is just have the tuner of the TV to carry out an automated update so as to look for any new channels. Whenever there are new frequencies, this update would help the TV to find out your favourite channels. Even though if the frequency is new, there would not be any change in the channel numbers. Note that this is not a one-time rescanning process. Since there are a lot of TV stations moving, hence the need for rescanning on periodic basis is required.

Also each of the TV station would have a different date when it comes to shifting from one frequency to another. Hence you would need to make a note of the dates when the shift would be happening and accordingly get the rescanning carried out.  The process of rescanning is simple but it may slightly vary based on what TV brand you are using. You can start by pressing the Menu or Setup button on the TV remote. The Channel Scan option would be provided on the screen or you may need to scroll down under the Channel List or Channels. Once you click on the Scan process, let the TV carry out its work. Do not press any other button until the scan is complete.

The steps are simple and it would hardly take you much time. But it is an important process which should not be missed irrespective of the move in the TV stations. Rescanning is a must step when you have a TV antenna and it would help in adding more Free TV channels to your list.