Does a digital TV set need an antenna?

A digital television unit is said to be an advanced version of the earlier analog TV units. The analog television is said to be making a continuous use of the variable signal but the digital broadcast on the other hand is said to be converting the programming into the stream of binary on or off bits. To put it in a simple manner, a digital TV is one of the way of receiving the television signal in the digital format. The digital TV units allows the users to access much further information wherein they can enter the menus and also interact with their TV which was not possible in the older TV units. Apart from watching their favourite shows, the user can also listen to radio channels on their TV sets and also watch any archived programs through any on-demand service. A more modern version of the digital TV also enables the user to connect to internet and access various videos.

But is there a need to connect a digital TV with an antenna. This choice is completely upto the user. Getting a TV antenna is not a compulsion if you already have a TV unit. There are various methods of watching your favourite programs and live shows, one of them being the use of TV antenna. Earlier TV antennas were the only medium through which an individual would watch few channels. But today the scenario has completely changed. Few years back, the cable and satellite service providers dominated the market wherein all you would need to do is just pay a monthly rental and get access to more than hundreds of channels. Out here again, there was no need of TV antennas. However, with the rising cable charges, the viewers have shifted their focus and are moving away from cable or satellite services.

Once you cut the cord, you have other options to watch live shows or programs. The TV antenna, online streaming services, streaming devices or the broadcast online websites. There has been a rise in the people shifting towards online streaming services wherein you need to pay a monthly rental and get access to certain number of channels including few of the major broadcasters as well. Similarly, the streaming devices would need to be connected to your TV and you get access to certain streaming apps wherein you can watch your favourite shows. But for those of you who do not plan to go in for any of these options, there is still the TV antenna. For watching your favourite shows you would need to connect your digital TV with the antenna. Once the connections are in place, you can have access to most of the local channels available in your area, few examples include, ABC, PBS, Fox, and many more such major broadcast channels. Without a TV antenna, you would not be able to access any of the local channels if you have not subscribed for any other sources. Hence if you plan to watch Free TV on your digital TV then TV antennas are the best option.